Settlers of Catan

April 22, 2011

What a great way to spend a Thursday night.  I just played a long game of Settlers with my good friend, who just happens to be a philosophy major (relevant later), and two others.  And guess what? I WON!  I have to admit, it was a bit brilliant.  Lying was involved, as was treachery, but all’s fair in love and Catan!

I managed to trade off a rock for lumber (after lying to a n0Ob and saying I had no sheep to trade), and then turned and then traded a sheep for a brick.  Then I used my 2:1 trade in on wheat to finally get enough material for two road segments, added them on, claimed longest road and my final two victory points! Nothing like a play-by-play of Settlers, amirite?

After finishing, we got milkshakes! Yay! And then delved into philosophy, eventually leading me to one of my favorite riddles, which you can see here.  While my friends pondered that one, my philosophy buddy pointed me to the blue-eyed islander problem.  Still working that one out, but it seems like a great one!

In other news, I decided to start writing a book! Or at least a story.  Ever since the introduction of mandatory reading lists way back in the day, I’ve found it hard to read/write.  At one point in time, I wanted to be a writer but school managed to make it a chore for me.  Funny how the school system can take something you love and kill it for you…but that’s for another time.  I’ve always had a certain aptitude for writing, and I always received high marks whether in high school or college, but I never particularly enjoyed writing dialogue.  We’ll see how that goes…

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